1200 Calories

1200 Calories

“Women: If you are trying to go about your business during the day, on only 1200 calories, and perform cardio to burn those dreaded calories, you really are not going to succeed. You will most likely pass out.

It is unfortunate, then, that there is one – and only one – message the majority of weight loss campaigns use to when targeting women:

Calories, calories, calories.

More specifically, less calories.”

My husband has been trying to get me to read this article for several weeks, and I am embarrassed to admit it took me this long, because it was really worth my time (and yours!). Another amazing quote:

“Women should be shown the same fitness routines as men. We should be exposed to the same messages of eating nutritious food, with lots ‘o protein, and enough calories to build our bodies into Goddess-like proportions. We should not fear muscle. We should not shy away from the weight room because it is perceived as ‘odd’ and out of place when a woman approaches the squat rack.”

Just read it.

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