Running as Therapy

Running as Therapy

“As I was helping my mother pack up her parents’ house, I found myself too drained to move and lay down on the floor and sobbed. My mother suggested I try therapy. I signed up for a 10-mile race instead.

Training for the Ocean Drive 10-Miler became my release valve. When I was running, there were no phones, no texts, no emails. On the road, work crises could not reach me. While pounding out miles in the pouring rain, I was grateful that it was raining so no one could see me cry.”

Wonderful, moving essay. When you find yourself trapped in a dark place, moving your body helps you get out of it. Any kind of routine helps; it gives you something to plan for, something to accomplish.

I couldn’t post this without linking to The Oatmeal comic, The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances. Because Blerch.

Sidenote: This is also about me motivating myself to get back out there and start enjoying this gorgeous Spring weather by running with my dog.

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