What We Can Learn From the Embarrassing #CancelColbert Shitstorm

What We Can Learn From the Embarrassing #CancelColbert Shitstorm

Last night, The Colbert Report aired a segment skewering Washington R**skins’ owner Daniel Snyder’s pro-Native American charity that contains an anti-Native American slur (“R**skins”) in its name by suggesting Colbert, inspired by Snyder, would be starting his own charity, the “Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” A Twitter account controlled by Comedy Central tweeted the announcement without referring to the R**skins charity Colbert was skewering, which ignited a Twitter shitstorm that called for Colbert’s cancellation, a shitstorm that keeps getting more embarrassing. What can we learn from this? Besides “everyone calm the fuck down for a goddamn second”?

This article is fantastic for a number of reasons. The cultural analysis is hilarious and spot-on. I love the author’s tone and her complete annoyance at the whole thing. I also appreciated the fact that she wasn’t being condescending about it, she just said, look, the internet happens, let’s try to learn from this and move on.

And can we all just take a second to laugh at the absurdity of the R**skins starting a charity for Native Americans? BECAUSE REALLY?! How is that going to help ANYTHING?


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