Building a Bigger Action Hero

Building a Bigger Action Hero

What Yune is really complaining about is this sense that studios see actors as bodies now – interchangeable in a global movie business that’s built more on brands than stars. More than ever, studios are building franchises around fresh, inexpensive faces with bodies that can fill a superhero costume.

“One of the reasons there are so few real movie stars is that there are very few who are distinguishable from one another,” says Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed Ryan Gosling in Drive and Only God Forgives. “Everybody can get a six-pack, so it has no value. Everybody starts to look alike. It’s the soul that makes you a movie star. Not your body.”

[via smoncelle]

Fantastic in-depth look into the crazy lengths that Hollywood actors go through to get that movie star body. It’s not just about anorexic women anymore; men have to (over)work for it, too:

Male actors’ bare asses are more likely to be shot in sex scenes; their vacation guts and poolside man boobs are as likely to command a sneering full-page photo in a celebrity weekly’s worst-bodies feature, or go viral as a source of Web ridicule. A sharply defined inguinal crease – the twin ligaments hovering above the hips that point toward a man’s junk – is as coveted as double-D cleavage.

These guys are getting injected with testosterone, human growth hormone, steroids, not to mention all the protein & the crazy dieting. They are practically starving themselves to show off their muscles, and it doesn’t look like this practice is going to end anytime soon. If anything, it’ll probably get worse.

A mean part of me is glad that men are finally starting to be held up to the same unreasonable standards women are, but that’s not fair. Eventually maybe we’ll all wake up and realize this is all a little insane, and then we can re-evaluate our body image issues. Maybe.

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