Securing Your Six: Teacher’s Edition

Securing Your Six: Teacher’s Edition

More realistically based is what can one individual, one teacher, one principal, do against a psychopath bent on the killing of as many people and children as possible? While it is quite a noble feat to lay one’s body in front of a door to stop a rampaging killer there is a far better solution, even if one appears to be unarmed in the gun sense.

The solution is not in tech but, rather in history. 

When you hear politicians discuss teachers fighting back against lone gunmen, you hear a lot of them crying out for teachers to have guns themselves, or for there to be more armed personnel in schools. Instead this article brilliantly breaks down simple ways for teachers to prepare for the worst. How do you stop the gunman from getting in the door to start with? If he gets in the door, what are some basic tools you can have available to defend yourself and your students?

No one wants to accept that we live in a world where mass shootings are going to happen. We want to think that either a) all guns will magically disappear with enough laws or b) everyone will magically want to carry a gun with enough persuasion. Neither of those views are realistic. This writer is a realist, and I applaud him for it. I think we need to start training teachers on how to fight back. They deserve to have the tools to do so, to protect themselves and their students.


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