What Burritos And Sandwiches Can Teach Us About Innovation

What Burritos And Sandwiches Can Teach Us About Innovation

“‘My new home state of New York has a special tax category for sandwiches. And because they have that, it means they then have to go and define what they think a sandwich is,’ Veltman says. ‘So they publish this memo that explains that a sandwich includes club sandwiches and BLTs, but they also include hot dogs and they include burritos and they include gyros. And then you have to sort of say, are burritos really a sandwich?’

New York says yes, the USDA says no, and it makes a difference come inspection time.

‘We do not inspect closed-faced sandwiches regardless of the amount of meat in them. We inspect burritos that have meat or poultry filling,’ Wheeler says.

The debate gets so heated that in 2006, a contract dispute over whether Qdoba Mexican Grill’s burritos qualify as sandwiches went far beyond lunch — it went to trial. Expert witnesses including a chef and food critic testified, much deliberation took place, and in the end, Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke ruled burritos are not sandwiches.”

I love that this is a conversation that people are having. In court. Judges are ruling on sandwiches, y’all. This makes me want to get a law degree, just so I can fight for the rights of sandwiches, tacos, and gyros everywhere!

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